Wrinkle Paste Review

After so long, we finally tried the Wrinkle Paste on Woody’s wrinkles.

I was almost two weeks without them, and in my absence Woody’s nose wrinkle looked very bad. It was a good time to try Wrinkle Paste – Woody needed an immediate recovery and we did that by applying Wrinkle Paste every day for a week.

You can see our full review here on this YouTube video.

About the composition, Wrinkle Paste is made with hypoallergenic plant-based ingredients, including coconut oil, and zinc oxide. Wrinkle Paste can be used to clean and protect any dog’s wrinkles, in tear strains and tail pocket – a multi-function product, super approved!

Now, I will continue to do the usual maintenance, in our case doesn’t imply the application of products every day – only when I see that it is necessary. So, we must look at our dogs’ wrinkles daily.

The results were very good, and after three consecutive days applying Wrinkle Paste, Woody stopped scratching on the furniture after cleaning his wrinkles!

You can find this on Amazon.uk, Amazon.com and Squishface.com

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