Best Gifts For Dog Parents

Black Friday is over, at this point we only think about Christmas and what we will give to our friends and family

We all know someone who would love to receive one of these gifts that I am suggesting in this article.

If you have more suggestions, you can leave them in the comment box 🙂

My Pet Poster:

Minimalist prints with many dog breeds that suit various types of interior decorations by having very delicate lines.

You can write your dog’s name, date of birth and personality on each picture you order.


Find more here.

Happy Socks:

There are many people who are saddened to receive socks as a Christmas gift, but I bet if they get Happy Socks they’ll be happy! 🙂


As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Petsies is a great idea to give someone who love their dog! You may not be in time to order a costumed stuffed animal that arrives on time before Christmas, but you can offer a gift card and later you will have your unique Petsies at home.


Bulldog Mom:

I found this mug and found an ideal gift for me! If you know some Bulldog moms, surely they will love having breakfast with this beautiful mug.


Eggnog & Igloo 2020 Calendar:

Do you know these two cute English Bulldogs who love donuts, snow, popcorn and have a house made for them and decorated according to the season?
They made a wall calendar called “Nog Jobs”, where they represent various professions. A gift that will make someone happy just looking at the days of the month 🙂
A portion of all sales will be go to Brennan’s Buddies, an organization that helps provide children with cancer gifts for the holidays!



If you know someone with a beagle, surely they will love to receive these beautiful Christmas socks!


Print Charlie:

Nothing better than a blanket to be on the couch during the winter watching Netflix or our social media, right? Now it’s possible to use a blanket with an illustration of our dog!

20191207172001_IMG_2538-01 (1).jpg

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