Petsies – A Personalized Gift for Pet Owners

As many of you may already know, I have had a Woody Petsies for about 1 year but I never talked about the whole process of getting a lookalike of our dog in the form of a stuffed animal.

Petsies is an American company that makes custom stuffed animal of your pet – dog, cat, bird or even horse.

The process to get a lookalike stuffed animal it’s simple:

  • Just go to the site, fill out a questionnaire where you will be asked some characteristics of your animal so that the plush lookalike is as true to reality as possible;
  • Send your pet photos;
  • Wait for Petsies to send you an email with the photo of your stuffed dog in production, so you can approve or say that it should be changed in some way.

Lastly, just wait for the delivery at home. It takes some time (between 5 to 6 weeks) due to all the procedures required to create a custom made plush toy.

It isn’t to be considered a toy for your dog but something for owners to keep (preferably away from dogs so that the Petsies are in no danger).

On occasions, such as after crossing the pet’s rainbow bridge, there are many people who turn to Petsies for a memorial, or just for fun – like watching our dog interact with its plush version or taking lots of photos!

For more information about Petsies click here 🙂

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